Dubai Mainland DED – Overview


The Dubai Mainland DED license is a legalized company that functions without any restrictions in business transactions and operations throughout the UAE and also in other countries.
Setting up a business in UAE can be appealing for the unversed, compare to Free Zone it is requires various procedures and legal formalities as per according to law. One need to enquire all the legal and administrative procedures. Many entrepreneurs and investors lack some knowledge about all the legal processes in company formation in Dubai mainland and the scope of business. Here JS International plays a very important role, we understand client's vision and provide smart advice.
According to U.A.E Companies Law, a local partner must nominate an expatriate shareholders if they plan to startup a mainland company. Also, if it is a Limited Liability Company then it is an obligation for the local partner to have at least 51% equity share. An alternative way is also to select a corporate nominee partner. This way the main shareholders get full legal authority and total financial benefits.

Benefits Of Dubai Mainland License

Can add upto 10 business related activities Company’s activities will be incorporated under mainland single license
Easily Bank accounts opening Shareholders can easily open global corporate bank accounts and the company can enjoy liberal bank account proceedings & maintenance
No income taxation And the financial reporting system would be easier and simpler
Eligibility to hold limitless offices or properties in the UAE Local sponsor will be a silent business partner for a fixed sponsorship fee
Company registered by DED is highly secure for its business engagements legally and internationally secure
Eligible for visas A big quota for residence visas for employees and company management can avail with this license
Cost-effective ways for the renewal very easy annually renewal
Liability is limited to the company only ...
Can trade internationally and locally All over in UAE
Can choose an office location anywhere in Dubai Shareholders will have access to prestigious business centers, Flexi Desk Office and Meeting Rooms, this feature allows not only to trade with the local market but can also open up multiple branches of the company thus enabling you to build a strong presence in UAE