Ajman Freezone – Overview

About Ajman Freezone

Ajman free zone offers the most affordable land and rental space for business setups in the region. The cost of living in Ajman is also relatively lesser than the other Emirates, making it viable for small entrepreneurs. Ajman Free Zone (AFZ) was established in 1988 and is located across the Ajman Port. Its location near Dubai and Sharjah provides companies in Ajman freezone easy accessibility to international airports. Business setup in Ajman free zone sounds lucrative to small and medium enterprises (SME) as well as start-ups, mainly for its affordability and good infrastructure. AFZ offers low-cost smart offices for start-ups and entrepreneurs as well as executive offices for large corporations.

Companies setting up in Ajman freezone are also assured of 100% privacy with limited financial disclosures. However, Ajman free zone business setup requires minimum capital to be shown as well as processing of a lot of documentation. You also need to pay the Ajman free zone license fees within a stipulated period. This process can get complicated without in-depth knowledge of the rules and regulations surrounding Ajman free zone company setup formalities. Shuraa Business Setup makes the process of Ajman free zone company formation easy. We help you interact easily with the Ajman authorities and make setting up a business in Ajman free zone quicker for you with our all-inclusive packages. We take all your documents and get your Ajman free zone company registration done in just three days. With us, your Ajman free zone company setup cost is the least.

Start your own business starting from AED 11,900 The most cost effective option in the UAE
100% business ownership No need of local UAE sponsor
No corporate or personal income tax You get to keep all your profit
100% repatriation of capital and profits Send money to outside UAE without any restrictions
Multiple business activities in one license Five activities are included in the license cost
License issued within 2 days Fast and Quick Service
Quick and Simple Minimum and easy documentation
Corporate Bank Account More than 25 banks to choose from
Eligible to get UAE Visa For yourself, family and even employees
No physical presence required in UAE Now you can setup your company by just emailing us the documents

About Ajman

The emirate of Ajman is spread across 324 km2 including territorial waters (100km2) with a coastal area of 8 km across the arab gulf. The emirate comprises three key territories - Ajman city, Masfoot and Al Manama. Humidity is higher in summer and the temperature in winter is around 25 degrees.


Covering an area of 42 km2, masfoot is 110 km away from the city center in the south-east. The region encompasses a fertile mazera known for agricultural activity, wide valleys and good climate. Mazera is a tourist destination thanks to its nature and terrain with mountains. `daftta,’ "leeshen" and "the white" are magical mountainous regions. Masfoot is also famous for its wide valleys such as "gulfa", "al sawamer", "masfout", "al khanfareyah" and "al defda'a".

Al Manama

Located about 73 km to the east of Ajman flanked by the road through sharjah and Fujairah, Al Manama has gravel and sand valleys and mountains rich with natural minerals and building stones. It is also famous for its fertile valleys and plentiful crops.


The Islamic values followed since time immemorial in the UAE is observed in all aspects of daily life providing strength and inspiration.


Arab world is famed for its culture of generosity and hospitality and these virtues assure warm and friendly welcome to visitors to the UAE.

Family life

Family is one of the most important institutions in the Arab community. Grandparents, uncles, aunts, cousins and relatives, and relationships within these extended families are bound to each other with respect to the elders in the family.


Every year the holy month of Ramadan is observed with piety and fasting with Islamic religious rites adhered to steadfast. Ramadan month and dates differ every year and during the month muslims abstain from eating and drinking from Fajr (dawn) to Maghreb (after sun set) and visitors are expected to abstain from eating/drinking in public places during this time.

Religious Ceremonies

Eid Al-Fitr is celebrated at the end of ramadan for three days.

Eid Al-Adha is the day of sacrifice, representing the end of hajj, which lasts four days (hajj is obligatory for all muslims at least once in their lifetime).

Traditional Sports

Falconry is one of the traditional sports practiced in Ajman as it is across the UAE, displaying the unique partnership between humans and birds.